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BOLLÉ safety Hustler blue flash polarized goggles

BOLLÉ safety Hustler blue flash polarized goggles

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Sunglasses designed for work with Blue Flash Polarized lenses. Hydrophobic Blue Flash lenses repel water and dirt, making the glasses ideal for the wettest and most challenging conditions. The lenses also reflect heat, improving comfort in hot conditions. Polarized technology eliminates glare and reflections, making the glasses ideal for navigating waters, snow and other outdoor activities where there is strong reflections and the risk of glare. Recommended model for off-shore use, petrochemical industry, police, border guard, defense needs in everyday use and other demanding professionals.

Protects eyes from UV rays and low-energy mechanical hazards (6 mm 0.86 g metal ball 45 m / s), even at extreme operating temperatures. Also provides additional protection against threats from the site.

Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses. Very effective in eliminating blue light harmful to the eyes (91%).
Optics class 1: Designed for long-term continuous use. Due to the very strong darkening of levels 5-3 (visible light transmission only 10%), we do not recommend driving in traffic.

UVA / UVB protection: 99.99%.
Non-slip nose bridge and anti-skid pads at the ends of the buckles.
Frame color: Glossy black
Weight 31 g.

Lenses: EN172 5-3.1 1 FT CE.
Frame: EN166 FT CE.

Delivery includes:
ETUIFS: Etuifs protective bag in microfiber

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