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Snowshoes TSL 227 camo XL

Snowshoes TSL 227 camo XL

SKU: 49

Composite and high-snow composite snow boots with 6 steel spikes. At its best on flat, open terrain and soft snow. Suitable for demanding leisure and work use. Thanks to the hourglass design, walking is easy even over long distances.

Flexible cover, shock absorption and reversible heel lift for hill sections. Quick-adjusting bandage suitable for even larger shoes, with back tightening with a pump buckle.

The width of the front bandage can be adjusted according to the width of the shoe.

Go for 37-50 shoes: Shoe sole length 24-38 cm.

Load capacity: Max 140 kg.

Length: 74 cm. Width 22.7 cm.

Weight: 2220 g / pair.

Supplied in a carrying case.

2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Country of manufacture France.

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