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Return Policy

Products returns

Our products have a 14-day return policy beginning from the time the package is picked-up. The date of purchase or collection is the date on which the package is redeemed or picked up at the office or, alternatively, the date of the receipt. The right of return only applies to unused and salable products. Products and product packaging must be in their original condition and all accessories and equipment included with the product must be included in order for the consumer to receive a full refund of the product return.


In exceptional cases, we accept the return of an unsaleable product or an otherwise defective product, we will charge our own costs of at least 25% of the price of the product. It takes 5-15 business days to process customer returns. This time consists of the transport time, the processing time, and the time required for the accounting procedures. Return costs are paid by the customer.

Customer must contact us before returning in order to receive the necessary return instructions.



Product returns instructions

a) Product has to be in the original package (well packaged) without unnecessary markings. No traces of tape or address labels may remain on the product packaging. Wrap the product in plastic or cardboard, for example, before returning. The returned products must last in the package until they arrive, so pack them carefully. We do not refund products that are carelessly packaged and therefore broken during transport.

b) With products should be a cover letter. The letter shows the name and contact details of the original subscriber, as well as a brief explanation of the reason for the return and a wish for further action. A copy of the receipt works best if it includes a statement of the reason for the return and a request for further action.

c) Product should be returned no later than 14 days from the date of purchase. We do not accept pre-shipment buses, ie all returns must be sent without a demand for payment. We will charge the customer for unjustified returns. The right to return a product is always product-specific and possibly a delay in the delivery of another product does not entitle you to a longer return period for another product. The customer has to pay the postage costs for returns made from abroad.

Product exchanges
If you want to return the product and exchange it for another one, you can return it according to the normal customer return instructions above. The 14-day time limit also applies to product exchanges.


For example, you have matched the garment you ordered, and you find that you have ordered the wrong size, you can send it back to us, but we will charge the delivery costs for sending a new right sized product. If the price of a new product is higher than the original one, the price difference is added to the delivery cost of the new product, and it is paid when the package is picked up.


You can only exchange a product for products that are returned in good condition! Depreciated products have no right of exchange or return

Defective product and defective product returns
Our products have a 6-month product defect liability in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. This means defects in material and workmanship that are present in the product at the time of sale. The return of a defective product is the same as a normal customer return. However, please contact our customer service first. Product liability does not cover breakdowns or malfunctions due to operating errors or external factors. Therefore, make sure that you use the products in accordance with the instructions and intended use, and if the normal use of the product requires maintenance, you have serviced it regularly and in accordance with the instructions. If necessary, you can contact our customer service, and we will be happy to advise you on these matters. If the product does not come with operating or maintenance instructions, always contact our customer service so that we can advise you on matters related to the proper use and maintenance of the product. If you suspect that the products are broken or otherwise defective, please contact our customer service immediately.

Things don’t always go as planned. Our customer service will help you by e-mail

If the consumer has been delivered the wrong product, the product is damaged, etc., the consumer must notify the company within a reasonable time, but no later than within 30 days, either by e-mail to or in another way described by the company. Defective delivery will be returned according to the instructions given by the company. Return will take place after the complaint has been made.

Other terms

The customer must be in legal of age or have a guardian's permission to order products. The Subscriber accepts these terms when confirming the order.

The company is not responsible for any delay, impediment or delay in the delivery of the order due to a circumstance beyond the company's control, such as war, natural disaster, pandemic, export or import ban, government decision, disruption of public transport or other similar impediment or obstruction.

Suomen maastovaruste has the right to change the above conditions if it wishes.

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