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BOLLÉ Baxter polarized goggles + headband

BOLLÉ Baxter polarized goggles + headband

SKU: 62

Bolle Baxter Polarized high-protection goggles

Strip-type high-protection goggles with PLATINUM-coated Polarized Smoke lenses for working outdoors. Equipped with a removable sealed foam frame and a headband that can be used if necessary. The headband and frame pad attached provide a very comprehensive level of protection against a variety of threats.


When used with the headband and frame cushion: chemical drops, gas and fine dust (5 microns), coarse dust (5 microns), harmful sun rays and medium mechanical risks (6 mm, 0.86 g metal ball at 120 m / s), even at extreme temperatures.

As a shackle: From harmful sun rays, as well as low-energy mechanical risks (6 mm, 0.86 g metal ball 45 m / s), even at extreme temperatures.

Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses, where the coating significantly exceeds the requirements of the Class N and Class K test methods. Polycarbonate lens optics class 1: designed for long-term continuous use.

Polarized technology:

  • provides excellent protection against glare and reflections
  • improves color and contrast detection
  • reduces eye strain with long-term use

Advantages of PLATINUM coating:

  • excellent protection against fogging, ensuring good vision in varying conditions
  • has excellent resistance to mechanical wear, preventing the formation of scratches
  • cleaning resistant (cleaning with water and soap combination or Bollé Safety B-Clean products)
  • permanently on both sides of the lenses
  • improve performance, safety, goggle reliability and comfort
  • recommended choice for versatile general use as well as hot and humid working conditions and sweat-raising conditions

Technical information:

  • frame marking: with headband and frame padding: EN166 3 4 5 BT CE, in strap type: EN166 FT CE
  • lens marking: 5-3.1 1 BT KN CE
  • certification: EN166, EN172, EAC, ANSI CSA Z94.3
  • UVA / UVB protection: 99.99%
  • polycarbonate lens thickness: 2.2 mm
  • curvature class: 8
  • total weight: 49 g
  • weight when used as a bucket model only: 28 g

Delivery includes: Glasses, foam frame, headband with quick release

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