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BOLLÉ safety silium + smoke Platinum goggles

BOLLÉ safety silium + smoke Platinum goggles

SKU: 60



Metal-framed goggles with Flex buckles and tinted mid-smoke lenses for work in outdoor conditions. With the FLEX 160 ° strap structure, the handles open beyond the normal open position, so it is easy to put on and take off at the end and the glasses also sit at the wide end. The non-slip TIPGRIP handles, shaped according to the shape of the head, ensure a snug fit and comfort.

Protects eyes from harmful sun rays, UV rays and low-energy mechanical hazards (6 mm 0.86 g metal ball 45 m / s).

Optics class 1: Designed for long-term continuous use.

Mid smoke shading:
- Optimal for outdoor use
- Provides comprehensive protection from solar radiation, but does not reduce the amount of visible light too much, so working is efficient even when the air is not very clear
- Recommended darkening level also for driving in traffic

FLEX 160 ° handles:
- Minimalist design
- Outwardly flexible and head-width-adjustable construction

Technical information:
Frame marking: EN166 F CE
Lens marking: 5-2.5 1 F CE
Certification: EN166, EN172
UVA / UVB protection: 99.99%
Weight: 34 g

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