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Ledlenser iH11R rechargeable 1000 lm headlamp

Ledlenser iH11R rechargeable 1000 lm headlamp

SKU: 57

Very versatile rechargeable headlamp for industrial needs. The powerful iH11R includes all the basic functions of the iH series, as well as many other features.


You can also control this headlamp with Bluetooth technology using your mobile phone.

1000 lumens with Boost power ensures visibility even in the darkest workspaces. Numerous attachment options in addition to the headband.


Can be detached and used as a flashlight, or attached with a strong magnet or tape directly to the helmet. Also a lamp holder to be attached to the Euroslot (30mm) notched brackets.

Light output: 1000 (Boost) / 750/300/10 lM Range: 320 (Boost) / 300/200/30 m Burning time: - / 4/8/100 h
  Bluetooth connection to smartphone  Several ways to attach to the helmet (including magnetic) •

Several different light exchanges, including red, blue and green  ICR Li-ion 18650 3.7V  Weight 179 g

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