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Sievi safety shoe winter brush AL HIT 6

Sievi safety shoe winter brush AL HIT 6

SKU: 72


In the AL Hit 6 winter gaiter, the foot is protected with aluminum toe cap and steel nail guard, as well as the upper leather with an external tip cup. The footwear is ideal for varying conditions, as it is equipped with a durable and hard-wearing double-layer TractionPro rubber friction sole. The friction base also withstands heat up to 300 ° C. The warm lining keeps the cold outside and the heat inside the shoe.


The Sievi DUAL Comfort insole, which can be removed and replaced, helps the feet and back to cope better with the working day: under the sole and heel there are shock-absorbing cushions made of durable and form-fitting PORON® material. Zipper and straps make it easy to put on. Very spacious XL last in size 39-48. Available in sizes 35-50.

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